Best of bests!

Liners are a woman’s best friend!! Well at least mine.😊 

I keep some with me in my purse for when changes times thru out my day if I am at outdoors ,I have these in my vanity for after changes as well. These in special are my favorites,super comfable and hardly noticeable super thin and super absorbent. Keeps you fresh thru changes and definitely super affordable depend on counts,totally recommend. 





complimentary from Carefree & Influenster.



Anyone used this app? I bet I am not the only one. I began using this app since January 15 of this year and let me say I love the confidence and trust they have in people to send them a box of goodies for one to enjoy but also to put out there their honest reviews about a product. I can honestly say maybe I take this influester reviewing way serious but to me is the best thing I’ve done so far. I enjoy doing this and I am looking forward to being  approve every thime there is another box badge to unlock like a child waiting to be given candy.😆,And I’d liked to add in here if they ever come across my blog “Thank you for the  opportunity given like to many others and hope to keep on reviewing products For influesters with pleasure.