Coming up ,New Year New things. I have been lacking in life …. Let me tell y’all stressed can’t kill you physically-well adding that when you are stressed a lot of you it seems you won’t care, like dressing up nice or taking care of certain things in you. BUT that wasn’t my situation. emotionally it was killing me slowly! I tried many things in life to see what was i missing, what was it that I have not accomplished yet, yeah there is many stuffs that I didn’t accomplish in life and many other things I seemed to not care, this couple of months say maybe in September I made that decision to change my all in and out for my own good, making that first move on my behalf was the best decision made by me. I started reading the bible giving my all, problems, doubts, fears, you name it….MY ALL!!to the almighty I seemed not to care for anymore due to the fact that I was raised in a Christian home, to some really strict parents. I decided to put my trust, my all in his hands. And let me say… has been the best thing I’ve done in my life, of course we are all human and life has it’s consequences to our actions so yes we go thru things that’s makes us question if there is a real God or why if God is Love ,why all this pain and suffer in us and in the world .. and although I wouldn’t understand this i admit and say HE IS STILL GOD. Life has been getting back in track for me, I am a mother again with my third child, Thanks to the almighty one my so called complications by doctors were just their “maybes “and so .. I had a very well fast birth given to my 3rd son, yes I was hoping for my girl finally but my hope wasn’t strong enough … and still my baby boy will have the same love as if it would of been the girl I hoped for. SO long story short… I am content I decided to give my self a chance and a change to get closer to my beliefs and to learn and receive this blessing I’ve been blessed with. ___just wanted to share __šŸ˜ŠGod Bless You!.


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