If It’s Free or Cheap….IT’S FOR ME!.

I’m a thrifty person to begin with. I love to shop at nice well cleaned thrift store’s…. don’t get me wrong even at the ones that their employees are rude can’t be found in there Good stuffs !! I know… living in the ghetto and shopping at ghetto looking stores…still found me some goodies in good condition. NO LIE. point is šŸ˜ anyone who read this whom ever I would like to review what ever products you offer. I’ll be honest, why lie!!? if products I enjoy I will be keeping and put in a good use. I will post in social media I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I’m seriously thinking of making a YouTube channel and well a big thought is put in that. But give me a try and trust with what y’all have to offer to the world. I will gladly spread it to the world too.šŸ˜Šthank you, God bless.


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