Every year is just as the same as the previous ones, is the changes we ourselves make everyday if we wish,desire and want that change we long to make. It be stupid of me to say “this year” I’ve came to have it as a habit every year that had passed me for 38 years. I was stuck in the same routine every tear except a couple of months I’ve done a bit of changes although unexpected gifts and problems headed my way as well I add that I have learned to leave it I God hands and tried to look away and let him handle it. I admit I was am still is scared when I do this but there are no better hands than his and as human I am I am learning and gettin wiser and better at this. I’ve been searching for happiness for years in my life thru what ever stand in my way to life drugs ,alcohol,and certain people made a story to show and tell with many loved ones in my life, Although we all make mistakes best know we all learn something of it. It be stupid again to say I’m not making them again we are human and this lessons are what makes us also stronger…………..

The past is the past and I will leave it there , pain will no longer take over my mind my body and soul ….

2018 I will welcome you with opened arms as I do every year BUT this time I will do the changes I will not let anyone or anything takeover but my Lord!


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