Crowdtap Box sample Product’s 13&14 (Unilever 15&16.

Although i add before anything Unilever samples i received we’re mixed BUT that doesn’t stop giving this HONEST review of product’s im enjoying!!!

first box sample i received (Unilever 15&16) was 4 suave products, a set of shampoo and conditioner, awesome clean feeling ,smooth and leaving behind a AWESOME scent in my hair. Shampoo bubbly enough with a quarter size amount and conditioner leaving hair soft and easy to detangle. Mousse great for my curls leaving them bouncy enough for a fun event or any occasion. Hairspray giving a strong hold enough for curls or just a loose pony tail but not fading away, Lightly giving a hair style a nice firm volume with a delicious crisp scent.

Box 2, from Unilever 15&16

another set of shampoo and conditioner by DOVE .

Clear and great consistency shampoo, Love the scent and the clean feeling with just a small amount that gives a great amount of bubbles haven’t experience any other feeling but another GREAT product giving my hair a clean,fine, smooth end.

Conditioner ,great consistency a fine natural like herbs scent,Giving a easy fast way to detangle my hair leaving my hair looking fuller ,volume ,shinny and soft.

NEXXUS Dry shampoo.

First time using a product like this, always wondered what Dry shampoo was and thanks to crowdtap i was blessed to sample this AWESOME dry shampoo in spray. Felt a bit skeptical to use this than wash my hair but as i finally test this product i may say I LIKE IT! quite an experience as i have washed my hair as normal water and wet shampoo days. NOT bad at all, although i honestly say i don’t think ill do this as a routine shower days but meanwhile i have this product in hand I’ll continue to use it until bottle is dry itself (laughing) who knows I’ll probably like it. šŸ™‚

AXE spray and stick deodorant.

I shared these product’s with both my teenager’s and they had their review šŸ™‚ as they state

Teenager #1 SPRAY TESTED.

Good in scent,Long and lasting scent, non tacky feeling in armpits sweat hidden well and kept dry enough thru out a busy day.

Teenager #2 STICK TESTED.

Love the smell of it, good enough thickness stick without leaving any streak of it in clothes.easy to use, sweat proof and no clumps in armpit hairs,washes off fast without leaving skin feeling patchy or greasy.


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