Revlon photo ready insta filter foundation ❤️

I began using shopmissa make up products, They have their pros and cons but everything for one dollar 💵 can’t beat it🤪I personally love and began using their santee liquid foundation due to me adding more make products to my face to hide some imperfections due to aging has been quite of an experience 🙃 love make up since my younger age but never really went thru the whole process in using products 😌 but now I constantly try different products that will fit my budget or will actually do as they claim. Let me begin to write I began using drugstore products by claiming samples or signing in company in need to review their products for full size samples to keep and some will give you money for your time and honest review. A was selected in a few programs to review and as I go on to try I will be sharing 😍

CROWDTAP has selected me to try some products for them like this awesome revlon photo ready insta filter foundation that I’ve been loving and been using time in time as I also try other products to be fair 😂🙃 this foundation is medium coverage but of course work your way to 2 times and it’ll stay looking full coverage it tends well at least to my sample given in true beige color was a little on the orangy side but using tips and tricks you make things happen as you wish. Stays put without fading away during your time of use with a good setting spray stays looking flawless without creasing in between the fine lines, blends awesomely using a beauty sponge without foundation staying in the sponge better yet a little goes along way without having to use a lot of product to cover any imperfection. I totally give this foundation 2 thumps up for its coverage, durability, stay put and making a Beautiful person staying and keeping it flawless.


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