as I can remember in my childhood days,I come from a low income family 😔 My father was a hard worker, yet he managed and made enough for rent, bills ,and here and there for our needs. Which I don’t seen to remember to be embarrassed, Shy. or anything in particular when it came to shopping days at a thrift store,second hand things, Me as a kid was happy because I will come out w something used or brand-new but I had something for me😊 wether was clothes, toys ,or anything we needed at our home.

Years later I’m still hit the thrift stores for anything I may like ,need , want. no shame here , why!? I as well as i spend a small amount on some thing I also like to treat myself to something new. 😁

GOODWILL, has been a place I’ve been going lately, you’d be surprise of the items you find. I made a killing on some items previous Times, but the best ones were done on a Sunday morning 😁😃❤ make up is my passion, make up i love to Hoard as I wear it as well. found me unopened, brand new lippies and other items, I came out of there H A P P Y 🙃and most definitely will be on the hunt for those particular items 😍M A K E _U P💄💋 here is the beginning of my findings.All for 5 bucks even 😲🙃💋❤ 👈👉👆👇👉 and more to hunt for 😉😁😆 #loreal #nyx #soniakashuk #wen #lippies #hairtreatmentmist #lippallete #notfree #butcheap #unopeneditems #goodwillfinds


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