The Insiders Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowls Review Box1

I was selected to a very delicious breakfast bowl missions and i am beginning with my first Jimmy Dean bowl, Loaded Potato breakfast bowl🤔 I enjoyed every spoonful of this tasty serving loaded with potatoes alright 😄but as well with melted cheese , pieces of bacon, eggs I must say tasted very real ones 😂as the ones in a 12 box not in a small carton, if you know what I mean, plus sausage and honestly I’m not really a microwavable dinner neither breakfast fast meals person 😏 had my bad experiences past times BUT I must say not to just put out a good review for getting something free in return but to be honest this first time try from Jimmy Dean breakfast was a flavorful taste as if I had cooked it the day before and just saved the rest for tomorrow 😁 delicious it was!! from the seasonings to every food item added to make you feel full and wanting to purchase them again as a quick breakfast meal. best served for best taste thaw it thoroughly,

totally recommend them, 2 thumps up and can’t wait to try the other 2 tasty ones 😁 will totally review them two 😊

#insidersjimmydean #theinsidersus #free #complimentary #testingpurposes


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