Jimmy Dean review #2

Rancheros steak and eggs bowl 🤔..

as I devour this bowl of ranchero steak and eggs bowl it has me thinking and tasting this delicious meal as if it’s a left over from last night, so unbelievable to know that it is a frozen meal that only GOD knows how long has it been in those refrigerators in stores 🤔😊 either way as I mentioned in review one, thawed thoroughly tastes better😊 every piece of food in this bowl taste fresh and delicious it’s red potatoes, chipotle salsa at its best ,steak tasting meaty and well cooked, accompanied with onions, cheddar cheese and poblano peppers ❤exquisite! who to thunk….. it’s a frozen meal 😉 definitely 2 thumps up Jimmy Dean.

#free #testingpurposes #theinsidersjimmydean #theinsidersus #rancherosteakandeggsbowl


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