Momlife Voxbox ❤

oh yes!! as a busy mother I definitely deserve this 😁 my momlife voxbox from influensters free, complimentary, for testing purposes 💃 this voxbox of goodies came with a sample of verawang embrace eau de toilette spray 0.04oz a fruity floral fragrance blending dewy notes of melon with the floracy of marygold and gardenia along with the creaminess of soft musk. interesting!! definitely it has been my trend for the weekends 😁 so good and yummy in scent ❤ Next it came with a box of 4 bags inside of quinoa, to be honest don’t know what this is and interesting it’s boil in the bag🤔 but i like to try new thinhs and definitely will YouTube me a recipe with it😁 also it came with an 8oz bag from Jacuzzi Epsom salt in lavender for a time to relax and recover ❤❤❤yes ma’am I’m in need 🤗 as well in the box came a trial pack by twinings herbal tea of lemon and ginger 4 individual tea bags sealed for freshness ❤how cool👍👍 and last 2 hair products by eva_nyx a therapy session hair mask a good decent 60ml and a 30ml mane magic 10 in 1 primer.. most definitely will be trying a these goodies in my voxbox and will post up a review 😁 thank you influensters ❤


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