Eva-nyc Food For Hair 😉

evanyc mane magic 10 in 1 primer ,
I was very skeptical to try this product as I always am 😁 but I am very happy that I tried it. my main concern is the frizz😖 really disliked that static when hair all over 😏but this product made my hair extra soft which makes my straight hair tamed ,sleek and shinny💥 not dull or dry even after washed 🙆‍♀️The product smells amazing which is great because I don’t have to worry about the overwhelming smell when outdoors It definitely softened my hair and reduce my frizz which again is a problem with my hair. 😊I will be buying this product as a staple for my hair routine time care regimen to grow more hair😂😁. I did receive a sample version of this product for free for testing purposes.

Evanyc therapy session hair mask…
Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask is like a delicious little cupcake for your hair to enjoy.😁😂 whrn i applied this Mask to my wet hair the first thing I noticed was the fabulous yummy cupcake scent. 😆The Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask made it easy to comb through my hair with my paddle brush it can be really tangled at times 🙄 I just made a bun and waited the suggested 3-5 minutes then rinsed throughly. As I was rinsing my hair I was simply amazed as my hair felt like silk it was so smooth and felt simply amazing. It has been about a week since using this Hair Mask and my hair still feels so soft and smooth. I would recommend this to anyone who has frizzy over styled hair as this is a unruly hairs best friend and your hair will love the scent as it really does smell like a yummy little cupcake! 😁😂🤣😃😅😆😄maybe I just love cupcakes 🤔🙈🙉🙊I as well received a sample version of this product and most definitely will hit ulta w my coupon thanks to influensters 😉❤

#EvaWashAndStyle #EvaNYC #contest #complimentary @EvaHairNYC @Influenster


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