As i try to search the good benefits of this amazing serum I’ve been using for about 6 month’s, since its all in a foreign language and im not that smart šŸ˜ well thanks to Google that kinda knows it all šŸ˜†

I like this serum alot … clear serum with gold glitter that somehow as you rub it they melt and im guessing if not wearing it under make up gives some sort of glow to the skin but not that shimmery crazy glitter all over the face šŸ˜†it’s more like it gives you that glow, smooth clean face, of course I personally use it under my make up do to mature skin I really don’t like to show all my imperfections unless otherwise šŸ˜‹ also I add it along other creams as my daily routine and for a mature skin im glad it hasn’t made me brake out but work wonderfully,

other than that I have noticed that it’s slight tackyness has made my make up last long without caking, creasing or fading away! that’s my plus ā¤

This BIOAQUA 24K Gold Essence Collagen Skin Face Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Mask has been my favorite for sometime and yet still trying to discover it’s more benefits as labeled. The Details OF THIS SERUM: Skin Care Pure 24K Gold Essence Day Cream Anti Wrinkle Face Anti Aging Collagen Whitening Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Modern medical experts point out that, gold contact to the skin will release negative ions, positive ions and human interaction, to promote blood flow between ions in the organization, producing new energy, so as to improve blood circulation, accelerate skin The new supersedes the old.

BIOAOUA 24K gold face cream, with gold as the raw material, the gold nanoparticles, gently massage can be quickly infiltration of the dermis layer, the release of active gold ion, improve skin absorption effect 10 times Ingredients: 24K active gold,ginseng extract,collagen,jojoba oil,ect Efficacy: For neck wrinkles, dry and other issues, the powerful 24K active gold revitalizing ability, can promote metabolism, anti-aging, moisturizing heal fine lines, smooth firm skin, effective skin care, skin reproduce the glory

IT’S Usage: After completing your cleansing routine apply some hydrating cream or lotion to your finger pads, gently rub together to warm it and apply to the face and neck in upward and outward movements.To be moisturizing milk on the face to stay a few minutes later, you can touch the face with tissues, soaking up excess emulsion, to improve the shiny .


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