Dermasil Anti Wrinkle Retinol Facial Cream Day Night Vitamin A & E 1.7 OZ

I came to hear of this cream not to long ago in my shopping day at Fallas , it’s promises as labeled is what pushed me to buy at A such a good deal!! 2$ which I wonder why in other online stores they start of from 4 to 13$$$🤔

I find this mazing. It smells exactly like Revlon Eterna face cream & reminds me of Loreal Futur-e facial lotion. I love it, it feels good on my skin and it’s glowing. It’s thick and rich and the consistency is rather thick. It works great on my very dry skin. It’s also wonderful as a foundation base at least that’s how I use it😁I’m liking it alot and hope it reduces some fine lines 😄 I recommend it , give it try, of course it may be react differently in other type of skins.but let’s not be so quick to judge when it comes to price or brand, you’ll be surprise the pros and cons one brand or brandless product can have. LIFE IS A RISK I say but in the beauty and skin care life anything goes if not !! unto the next one 😉

I use to use this moisturizers in my early 30s to keep my skin hydrated I always had dry extremely dry skin came to the point where it itched and at times felt so stretched out 😔, one time at a shopping day at a Dollar tree these tubes caught my attention in special as I read the labels really got me interested using it for my skin 🤔 I began usinh it and WOW these 2

assortment of facial cream that will keep your face kissably soft around the clock. Nighttime oil-free moisturizing facial cream softens skin while you sleep, while the daytime facial moisturizer helps enrich your skin with intense moisture. Both also contain essential vitamins A and E, and are hypo-allergenic. A must have an additional in the make up bag ,bookbag, purse , car, simply everywhere you go and feel the need to need it in some dry areas . This Oil free daily retinol facial cream enriches skin with intense moisture to leave it softer and smoother while relieving skin’s dryness that’s a fact from my experience 😁 but as an influencer of course I like to try different other brands or even same brands but now almost hittingmy 40s I seek to try other benefits for my mature skin.

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