after a while using this foundation I must say IM IN LOVE WITH IT!!! this baby here has been good to my skin like it loves me back…

Its a Feather-light, liquid mousse blends flawlessly with my real techniques sponge for a natural-looking, all day shine control look . Silky smooth formula that leaves skin looking perfectly matte,as a baby- young teenager -soft finish will look, Lightweight texture doesn’t and by experience it won’t feel heavy or greasy also Minimizes the appearance of pores and Oil Free that’s a plus.

This foundation to my mature skin made it look so young and flawless and let me say i just don’t know how to act 🤣🤣😋 it Minimizes my pores to mattify my complexion Beautifying the skin more than we already are 😁

Its an Oil-free formulaas i mention with an airy mousse texture that keeps skin shine free again and again thru out my hard jobs -daily routines all day Moisturizes and lets skin breathe due to lightweight formula.

A Natural-looking matte finish Immaculate, natural-looking complexion that again I’m in love with it!! I got me this foundation at amazon as just let me give this a try and i am glad I did!!

totally recommend it.


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