Jelly Glow Ball By:Bliss

Pretty cool ways to wash your face, future ways now days 🤔😂

I was selected by power reviews (Viewpointsreview) to try , review this product.

Awesome way to have a ball pouncing my face with such a cute squishy ball .

Love the packaging!! safe way to trust something to use for my face , sealed close tight enough.

Its quick instructions are fair enough to understand . Shows you, guides you into how to use it or properly open it without popping it , it also brings in plastic pick and it’s pointer to puncture it.

I had fun squeezing the squishy ball can you tell!!?

I was pretty skeptical at first , wasn’t quite sure how can this ball clean my face BUT that’s why I ain’t to quick to judge anyone as also anything!!

I began with rinsing water to my face and as squeezing the ball it released gooyi soap and as in any motion desired close it squeezing slowly I began washing more like balling around my face AND surprisingly to my surprise it actually worked, it cleaned all the make up it made it foamy enough to wash of any dirt , make up i had on! I totally enjoyed washing my face with this amazing jelly glow ball (just so y’all know IT DOESN’T GLOW😁) I asked my self why “glow ball” but I’m guessing that’s just a name for it 🤔 .

well as i tried this cool ball I can say “IM CONTENT” a little to pricey 35$ 😣 but I’m glad I got to try before I buy!!😁


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