Seventh Generation Sample Kit For Free Review.

I was selected to receive a sample of the new Seventh Generation Coconut Care moisture lotion AND Free & Clear diapers with new unbleached cotton quilted liner, for free as part of the Generation Good community. 

The New coconut care is made with pure coconut oil. 
It is clinically proven gentle on babies' skin and pediatrician tested. It contains no sulfates, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, mieral oil or petrolatum. 
It comes in mositure lotion, foraming shampoo and wash, and diaper cream. my baby's sensitive skin didn't mind this awesome moisture lotion ,happy baby content mom.

Free and clear diaperes.
free and clear diapers are ultra absorbent and soft, made for baby's sensitive skin, 0% lotions or fragrances, new special quilited liner in sizes newborn to two to protect baby's skin, made with unbleached cotton, made with sustainable sourced materials. 

My 5 month has very sensitive skin , also eczema and to see these diapers didn't give him any type of discomfort had me with no worries .
Free and clear wipes.
Seventh generations free and clear wipes are soft and gentle clean that is safe for baby's bottom, hands, and face, are made for baby's with sensitive skin, fragrance free, contains no alcohol, parabens, or phenoxyethanol, and are a thick a soft cloth for the toughest messes. 

These packs are awesome to carry around for those emergencies moments in need!! I am so glad I got to try this sample and even happier to see that not anything affected my baby to his sensitive skin!
Thank You seventh Generation.


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