“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Great products to review …always a good brand of pads that been around my life I love, a charcoal mask I’ve been trying to get my hands on,some skinny pop corn I absolutely love , great probiotic gummy vitamins, and a fresh smelling ivy coconut shampoo with conditioner smelling awesome sincr from the box. Ooh I am going to love this daisy voxbox and results coming soon.

Organic pads..

I  gave these a try started wearing the Chlorine Free Overnight Maxi Pads after I could not use some pads due to all the chemicals added to them. I am very impressed by my choice of new pads. The quality is impeccable, they’re comfortable and not bulky, they don’t leak odor, and they last me two to three times as long. The maxis also tend to be *no spill*, whereas my experience with other 

pads that had wings spilled over anyway – these 7th Gen pads do not, no matter how long I wear them!!! I trust 7th Gen, I use some of their other products, too, but in all honesty, I will buy their feminine care products over and over again. Thank you 7th Gen for a great natural alternative!

Maya Rudolph and organic cotton

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys having to buy tampons or pads. But Maya Rudolph, in her own unique way, opens up a discussion we should all be having.  Women use ~10,000 tampons in their lifetime!   Do you know what ingredients are used in them?  Learn more and shop Seventh Generation's full line of tampons, pads & pantiliners at select Target stores. #ad

Free stuffs……

  • I always back then will see many people in social  media post all these free stuffs they got for free, some for fun some ive seen they will post to review…. I’ve wonder… why would companies give out things for free!!? But now as a influester, a bzzagent,crowdtapper,and roll withsmile 360 i am beginning to understand the confidence and the trust these companies put in us, to let the public know that as days passes us by they are trying  as much as they can to satisfy us with their new products and keep us happy as in the long run  their business is working great for them as it satisfy us as buyer’s as well.  I am very happy to join these companies to enjoy free stuffs as well as i am happy to let people know what are my experiences with these products and give my total honesty.

Best of bests!

Liners are a woman’s best friend!! Well at least mine.😊 

I keep some with me in my purse for when changes times thru out my day if I am at outdoors ,I have these in my vanity for after changes as well. These in special are my favorites,super comfable and hardly noticeable super thin and super absorbent. Keeps you fresh thru changes and definitely super affordable depend on counts,totally recommend. 





complimentary from Carefree & Influenster.